Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The ANC 6D Meeting

Tomorrow night, the task force heads south to ANC 6D. One of the things I personally observed at the Shaw discussions and several of the comments on this blog, is that it might be important for the redistricting plan to look at the map from the individual's perspective. Meaning, attempting to account for the "sense" of where residents associate their daily living could be an important criteria. I am using the phrase "core neighborhood" for the lack of anything better. Again, this is my thought and not an official task force decision. Just more food to fuel discussion. So, to get prepared for the ANC 6D meeting, the below questions have been included on the draft agenda. Does anyone want to start answering them on the blog? Are there others that should be added? If so, post them in the comment section and we can add them to the final agenda. Regards, Joe Fengler

ANC 6D Community Meeting Questions:
1) Do you feel that the current ANC boundaries represent your neighborhood?
2) Do the current boundaries present challenges because of dissimilarity?
3) Should large residential buildings or complexes be dispersed among multiple SMDs?
4) Is the Southeast/Southwest freeway an appropriate dividing line between ANCs? For example, is there an opportunity to create SMDs that use the Third, Fourth, Sixth and Eighth streets tunnels to “connect” the residents on both sides of the freeway?
5) Is South Capitol Street an appropriate dividing line between ANCs or SMDs to the east and west?
6) Do the residents living around the baseball stadium believe their community “core” is located in: (a) Barracks Row, (b) Waterfront Mall, (c) both, and/or (d) neither?
7) How many SMDs should the new 6D have? Five? Seven? Does it matter?
8) The U.S. Capitol falls in Ward 2. Do the events around the U.S. Capitol impact 6D residents?
9) While needing to build SMDs with a population of 2,000 residents - are there any creative ways to account for the hidden census? Either those people that are now living in ANC 6D (around the baseball stadium for example) that were not there at the time of the census. Or those empty buildings or pending constructions that will drive a significant increase in density over the next few years?


  1. I live on the east side of 6D7 and would like to see 6D7 kept together in the same ANC (I wish we could stay in the same SMD, but realize the numbers don't work). In terms of community core, I definitely see Barrack's Row as my center, although that may change as Yards Park develops. I think most of my neighbors orient towards BR, too. I'm torn about whether we should be with 6D or 6B. We share the identity of a developing waterfront with SW, but their issues will continue to swamp ours if we stay with them. Community-wise, I think S. Cap. is more of a boundary than the freeway, which is why 6B may make more sense. But, again, I'm not sure which makes more sense, especially since by the next Census, we may be our own ANC.

  2. I live just to the west of the baseball stadium, and we have no community core. I reluctantly do some shopping at the waterfront Safeway because it's the only option, but I spend more time in SE--at Yards Park, banking, picking up a bike, Harry's Reserve, using the Navy Yard metro station, etc. I cross S. Capitol every day because, limited as the options may be, there's almost nothing in SW right now, and those of us living on the edge of SW are disconnected from the rest of it.

  3. I live in Capitol Quarters (east of the stadium) - and we definitely see our center as being Barracks Row. Our family is on BR nearly every day - conversely, I can't even remember the last time we were over on the SW waterfront. Heck, we hardly ever cross South Capitol Street.