Thursday, July 28, 2011

"Do it Yourself" Maps, Part II

OK.  I finally sat down and followed Cody's directions.  Let me give you a few tips on what we need to post a map proposal on the blog.  I will walk you through the steps of what I did (my map will be posted soon.  All maps required the Cody "special" sause to make them look good on the blog).

1.  Go to the great tool JDland built for us - Ward 6 map tool.  When you go to this page, make sure you have the latest browser.  How will you know?  If you go to this web page and DO NOT see a map, your browser needs to be updated (this happened to me).  I recommend Mozilla Firefox (free).

2.  Just click on the census blocks you want to include in your draft ANC.  As you click on census blocks, you can see the cumulative population count of your decisions. 

3.  Once you are done selecting census blocks, click on the phrase "Show Map with Selected Blocks Highlighted".

4.  Then look in the URL (where you see  Copy that entire URL and paste it in an email.  Here is an example of a hypothetical New Northwest ANC:,48.01%201001,48.01%201000,49.01%201003,49.01%201002,49.01%201001,49.01%201004,49.01%201000,48.01%201005,48.01%201007,48.01%201008,48.01%201009,48.01%201010,48.01%201006,49.01%202003,49.01%201005,49.01%201006,48.01%201019,49.01%202002,49.01%202001,49.01%202000,48.01%201018,48.01%201017,48.01%201011,48.01%201012,48.01%201013,48.01%201014,48.01%201015,48.01%201016,48.01%201020,49.01%202006,49.01%202005,49.01%202004,49.01%202010,49.01%202011,49.01%202012,49.01%202008,49.01%202007,48.01%201021,48.01%201022,48.01%201023,49.02%201001,49.02%201000,48.02%202001,48.02%202000,48.02%201000,49.02%202000,48.02%202002,48.02%202003,48.02%201001,48.02%201007,46%202016,46%202018,48.02%201002,48.01%201025,46%202017,48.02%201003,48.02%202005,48.02%202004,48.02%201005,48.02%201004,46%202020,47.01%202002,47.01%202001,47.01%202000,47.01%201001,47.01%201003,47.01%201002,47.01%201000,47.01%202003,47.01%202004,47.01%202006,47.01%202005,47.01%202009,48.02%202007,48.02%201006,48.02%201008,48.02%202006,47.01%202007,47.01%202008,47.02%201023,47.02%201021,47.02%201020,47.02%201000,47.02%201001,47.02%201003,47.02%201002,47.02%201018,47.02%201019,47.02%201022,47.02%201017,47.02%201016,47.02%201015,47.02%201004,47.02%201005,47.02%201014,47.02%201013,47.02%201012,47.02%201006,47.02%201007,47.02%201011,47.02%201008,47.02%201010,47.02%201009,47.01%202010,&popnumber=13393

5.  Send the email to  It may take us 36 to 48 hours to flip this into the nice pretty map you see on the blog. 

6.  In the email, please provide your name and description of what your proposal is doing.  We prefer not write text to explain what your map is trying to accomplish. 

7.  If you want to submit SMD boundaries for an ANC, please use the ANC process above - but for each SMD, send a URL.  We then will stitch an ANC map that shows your SMD recommendations.

I hope this helps!  Regards, Joe.

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  1. I have been playing around with the maps a bit. First I took the initial JDLand map (zoomed to the section I am contemplating) and pasted it into a simple paint program. Then I just draw lines directly on it. I use the JDland interactive map for reference. Once I've got the lines I save it as a JPG (or PDF.) Others are doing this too.