Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kingman Park Move to ANC 6A?

The W6TF has received letters requesting that Single Member District 7D01 residents be included in ANC 6A (see links below). That means residents will be represented on the DC Council by Councilmember Yvette Alexander; but be represented by ANC 6A for local community issues. At the July 11th W6TF meeting, the Office of Planning and the Office of ANC stated there was nothing prohibiting the W6TF from making that recommendation.

Map of Kingman Park (7D01) area

What are some of the advantages and/or disadvantages of this recommendation? And, for the sake of argument, if this comes to pass, in order to absorb these additional residents, ANC 6A would grow to 9 SMDs (or more). So, a follow-up question, assuming Kingman Park is added to ANC 6A (again for the sake of the argument), should the western border of ANC 6A move east to 10th Street/12th Street?

And to be clear - no W6TF decision has been made - this is just to open up discussion. Regards, Joe Fengler

Kingman Park Residents Letter Supporting Participating in ANC6A
Petition Supporting 7D01 Participating in ANC6A
ANC6A Letter Supporting 7D01 to Participate in Ward 6


  1. To sum up what I already wrote in the letters attached, I think 7D01 residents should be included in ANC 6A for four reasons:

    1. Currently, Kingman Park residents must travel miles to participate in "neighborhood" meetings with 7D. It makes it extremely difficult for older residents without cars to attend meetings.

    2. Decoupling SMDs from their ward is common in DC, and is done in three other SMDs.

    3. It's what 7D01 residents want. 89% of 7D01 residents wanted to be a part of Ward 6, and over 60 residents signed a petition supporting 7D01's participation in 6A.

    4. In order to solve larger issues that affect the Rosedale, Kingman Park, and Hilleast neighborhoods such as changes to C Street and Benning Road, it would be better for us to have conversations together and tackle these problems collectively. Our issues rarely coincide with those issues raised by other SMDs in 7D.

    Thanks, and I look forward to the meeting tonight.

    Bob Coomber

  2. I live in Rosedale next to Kingman Park. I fully support this proposal for the reasons given by Bob Coomber.

    Rob Stephens

  3. I agree with the comments of Bob Coomber.

    Most Kingman Park neighbors have been extremely active in the issues, concerns and resolutions of Ward 6A (Rosedale and surrounding communities).

    In short, it simply makes perfect sense that Kingman Park neighbors be involved and essentially moved into Ward 6A as natural order.


  4. I also support Kingman Park being apart of 6A!

  5. While I fully support this proposal, I assume the 7D01 borders would remain the same and be represented by one SMD representative. Correct?

    While on the topic, should the other formerly ward 6 areas (i.e. Res 13, Jail, etc) that are now part of W7 be treated in a similar manner? I would give great deference to our Hill East residents who fought to keep Res 13 in W6. I however, don't want an effort re. Res 13 to politically undermine efforts to include Kingman Park into 6A.

  6. I would love to see Kingman Park as a part of 6A. During the past ANC7D "year" of meetings it became very apparent that while residents share some large issues such as a desire for a clean Anacostia River and an interest in transparent, responsive government, our local issues are very different. Businesses, liquor licenses, maintenance, mail, and transportation are shared more with neighbors to our west and south than to our east.

    Not clear why North Anacostia Park is not included in the alternative SMD maps. Can only assume it is because these maps are just to focus on population.

    Thank you,
    Mindy Mitchell