Wednesday, July 27, 2011

ANC 6A - The King's Option

Based on ANC 6A Community Listening Meeting, one of the options discussed was to add Kingman Park to the existing ANC 6A boundaries. This map is an ANC 6A that is similar to current boundaries, except the western boundary above H St NE is 8th St NE instead of 7th St NE (minus 451 residents) and Kingman Park is included (plus 1,774 residents). The total population is 18,111. An attempt was made to make SMDs more compact while trying to maintain continuity of representation. Block populations and the target of 1900-2100 residents per SMD constrained this effort. SMD numbering is similar to current system. (Click on any group of blocks in the map to see the SMD assignment and block population.) Kingman Park becomes 6A09 and adds two census blocks to the south from 6A08 to bring population within target range. This option is posted to facilitate discussion and was generated by Cody Rice with some "text" support by Joe Fengler. With the common disclaimer, the W6TF has not made any decisions about ANC or SMD boundaries. All comments are welcome!

SMD populations

6A01 = 1,920
6A02 = 2,087
6A03 = 2,017
6A04 = 2,028
6A05 = 2,087
6A06 = 2,024
6A07 = 2,098
6A08 = 1,901
6A09 = 1,949

Of note:
1) Due to loss of residents between 7th and 8th St NE, 6A01 expands to the east north of H St NE and must pick up a block south of H St NE. The block containing the H St Connection could be swapped for other blocks in 6A02 and still hit the population range in both SMDs.
2) By including Kingman Park with ANC 6A, it is possible to add two additional adjacent Census blocks to bring the former SMD 7D01 within the acceptable population range.
3) If Kingman Park were not able to be included in ANC 6A, 6A08 would only need to add back 2 census blocks with a total population of 175. This would still be within the acceptable range.


  1. I, for one, think this map looks great!

  2. I have nothing against Kingman Park wanting to be included in a west of the river ANC (and agree with its residents that it should be part of Ward 6 too), but it seems odd to me that we'd keep H Street and the north side of the Hill split in two in order to include Kingman Park in the eastern H Street ANC. 8th Street NE is pretty far away from 25th & Benning and has more in common with 4th Street. Sure, folks living East of H Street might support some of its businesses and have an interest in them, but there complaints about possibly not having a voice in H Street development don't make much sense when you consider that folks living between 8th Street & 15th Street don't have a voice in H Street development on the other side of 8th due to the current split between ANC6A & 6C.

  3. It's 3/4 mile from the Starburst intersection to Oklahoma Ave and Benning....exact same distance as North Capitol to 8th St NE. So, I'm not sure there is a strong proximity argument either way.

    I'm still not clear on what terrible outcome has occurred because H St NE is split between 2 ANCs.

  4. Elizabeth NelsonJuly 29, 2011 at 5:58 PM

    Cody is to be commended for investing so much time into this well-thought-out proposal. Assuming that Kingman Park is included in a Ward 6 ANC, this should work very well. That said, I would be open to the possibility of moving the 6A/6C boundary to 9th St. if it is believed that 6C needs more population. I am very respectful of folks' desire to maintain the representation and community outlines they already have - sentiments that manifested themselves in the recent debate over Ward boundaries. But I believe that residents on the affected blocks share a focus on H Street that would allow them to operate comfortably on either side of the 6A/6C line.
    If Kingman Park is not included in 6A, it would probably require only minor adjustments.

  5. These new SMD delineations are appropriate for this ANC 6A map. The new SMD boundaries are similar to the current SMD boundaries with the exception of minor and sensible changes.

  6. Excellent first draft. I have one suggestion --

    Instead of dividing the area covered by the purple and brown SMDs into an Eastern and Western SMDs, why not divide them into a Northern and Southern SMDs. Bascically the Northern SMD would run from 19th St and 13th St and from Benning/H St to Gales St, and the southern SMD would take up the remaining section. If one SMD does not have sufficient population some minor tweeking could be made. I don't know if this possible given census tracks, streets, etc but is is a suggestion.

    My experience is that the concerns and focus of the communities along Benning Road and H St are slightly different then those who live 2-3 blocks from these busy commercial corridors. This change would also have the advantage of cutting by one the number of SMDs that run along Benning and H St. I defer to folks living in the area.

  7. To update my earlier comment... I realize that if the proposed 6A/6C boundary moved east to 9th Street, adding a very narrow strip to 6C, it would be very difficult to incorporate that additional population into 6C (for the purposes of creating an additional SMD) without a very painful dislocation of the current SMD boundaries of 6C. It would also create dislocation within 6A. Since this proposed 6A is already "right-sized", it makes more sense to take additional population from the much larger 6B, if it is considered essential to balance the number of SMDs among ANCs.