Friday, July 29, 2011

Shaw/NW SMD Map for Discussion

At the ANC 2C Community Listening Meeting, participants discussed how far south and east to extend the boundary of the ANC in the NW portion of Ward 6.

W6TF member Cody Rice prepared the map below showing possible SMD boundaries for an ANC that is bounded to the southeast by North Capitol St NW and Louisiana Ave NW. Extending the boundaries to this area brings the total population of the ANC to 14,185 and makes creating seven SMDs all within the population range of 1,900-2,100 easier. The overall shape of the ANC is constrained by the Ward boundaries, which create a "peninsula" that extends into the NW quadrant of DC.

With the common disclaimer, the W6TF has not made any decisions about ANC or SMD boundaries. All comments are welcome!

There are a number of other possible boundary configurations that would also work for the NW corner of the ANC (the former 2C01, 2C02, and 2C03 shown in red, orange, and green, respectively). The boundaries on this map were primarily drawn with compactness and the population in mind, so alternatives that better recognize neighborhood features would be welcome.

In the SE corner of the ANC, the purple SMD has to be larger than other SMDs to pick up the required population. It has to extend below Massachusetts Ave NW to reach the SMD population target. The light blue SMD is somewhat awkward in shape, but again this relates to how the Census data show population to be distributed.

SMD Populations

Red = 2,074
Orange = 2,093
Green = 1,995
Light Blue = 1,980
Dark Blue = 2,047
Purple = 2,080
Magenta = 1,916


  1. That eastern section of the light blue can go to the pink SMD too, makes it less funky looking. likewise the eastern strip of the dark blue can go to the purple as an option.

  2. Why the heck would you break up the Marion St neighbors?

    In the interest of transparency, can we get bios and addresses of the W6TF members? Thanks in advance.


  3. @Pete

    As a resident of NE Capitol Hill, I am not very familiar with Shaw. The "Marion St neighbors" was not an issue that I recall from the ANC 2C listening meeting.

    Can you educate me on the boundaries of the Marion St neighbors? Is it just the 4 blocks on either side of Marion St NW?

    The current SMD boundaries put one of those 4 blocks in 2C01, as does this map. However, there may be configurations that put all 4 blocks in one SMD and still meet the SMD population target range.


    -Cody Rice, W6TF

  4. I like this map. It is just what I was trying to do until the wee hours this morning when I put it away, unfinished, and went to bed.
    Thanks Cody! This whole blog is fantastic and a great help in this process.

  5. i like my map and will post it when i can figure out how to :)

  6. This map brings up a number of issues. What was the need to alter SMDs if they were already within the population guidelines (2C01)? What was the rationale for shifting unpopulated blocks between SMDs. This becomes an issue for commissioners working on RLA parcels such as Parcel 42, which had been under discussion for over a decade. Given the number of parcels in the area, I understand that Shaw has more undeveloped parcels than any other neighborhood in the District,you will find a story on about every corner.
    This brings up a larger question. If you planned on publishing a SMD map for Shaw on your own, why did you not mention it at the Wednesday meeting? Asking someone, anyone, who lived in the neighborhood about potential pitfalls of drawing lines on certain streets would have helped you in understanding what Shaw is about. As it stands, if this map is not official, then what is it?

  7. Mr. Mann, while I won't speak to Mr. Rice's specifics, I can say that he is only posting hypothetical maps to generate discussion. This map has not been approved by the task force - so it is just a discussion point to gain clarity on what might work and what won't work. Using the JDland tool, please feel free to proposal an alternative map for discussion and comment. Regards, Joe.

  8. The ANC and SMD boundaries should make sense walking on the street as much as possible. The dividing line between the red and orange districts should be 7th St from Florida Avenue to O Street. Please make the southern boundary of the orange section O St. Thanks!