Sunday, July 17, 2011

What ANC redistricting guidelines should the task force use?

The general guidance provided relates to the construction of Single Member Districts. There is little to no guidance on how to craft Advisory Neighborhood Commissions. That means each Ward will be able to craft thier own guidelines - if they choose to do so. In no particular order of priority, here are some potential ANC Ward 6 redistricting guidelines we have heard:
1. Ward 6 should have five ANCs
2. Ideally, each ANC should have between 7 to 9 SMDs
3. While not a guiding factor, the Police Service Areas should be accounted for
4. While not required, anticipated population growth should be accounted for

What do you think? Are there others to add to the list for consideration? And to be clear, no decisions have been made by the task force. Please be considerate of others in your commentary. Regards, Joe Fengler


  1. Great effort, Thank You & the TF more comments later, got to put out the trash & recycling. Although, love the poll - Go CHHD as ANC boundary!

  2. These sound good but I would add that each ANC should have an odd # of Commissioners. I would place a higher priority on this than having 7-9 SMDs but that range is good and manageable.

  3. Tom Wells did an excellent job of ethnic cleansing on Ward 6.

  4. It's really important for the ANCs to have 7 or more SMDs. ANC2C had 4 and that was a nightmare.

  5. Suggestions:

    1. Minimize changes to SMDs except in cases when there is one or more compelling and explicit reasons to make changes because residents have often developed relations with their elected SMD reps. Reasons for changes should be clearly articulated, examined and debated.

  6. My second suggestion, was

    2. While point 1 above (minimize SMD changes) should be given greatest weight, the W6TF should "overlay" the current SMD map with a variety of geographic clusters that roughly represents important and/or hot button issues or development projects that have been and/or will be facing W6 and determine whether the best way to deal with these issues is keeping the existing borders and/or whether the community affected by a project would be best served by having the entire "cluster" be represented by one SMD or by several. Examples are H St Corridor issues, major commuter routes such as Constitution, Independence, Maryland, C St NE, the Hill East Development plans, etc. I still think SMD changes should not be done solely for this purpose, but this is a good time to ask whether the ability of a community to address and find common ground could be done by changing SMDs. I think not, but it merits thinking about it.