Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Commissioner Pate - ANC Quadrant Proposals

This was submitted from ANC 6B Commissioner Pate.  The W6TF has not made any decisions regarding Ward 6 ANC/SMD boundaries. 

Summary:  I've done a "Quadrant Plan" that shows what a redistricting along quadrant lines might look like. Below are the coordinates for a quadrant plan based purely along East,South and North Capitol Streets. The plan creates a "super ANC" in NE, which may present challenges, but it does achieve the objective of keeping the H St corridor and Benning Road in one ANC. Here are the population figures (all without Kingman Park):

SE Quad - 22,928
SW Quad - 11,590
NW Quad - 14,185
NE Quad - 27,477 (without KP--grows to approx 29,100 when you add in KP)
I've also included, as an attachment, a modified quadrant plan that balances the population between the NW and NE quadrants a little better, and returns the Stadium to the SW quadrant in recognition that the neighborhoods in SW are probably most impacted by Stadium development and activities.
The plans are worth discussing if only because the quadrants are logical boundaries. The quadrant boundaries also achieve the objectives of keeping commercial corridors contained within single ANCs.

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  1. I do like the way you included NoMa in the 2C+6C "peninsula" ANC. I wish I had thought of that for mine as it makes more sense and, in tandem with how I pushed the N/S border up to C St SE, would have brought my "super 6A" down to a more reasonable number.