Monday, August 1, 2011

Fengler's Proposal - Shaken, not Stirred

First, the W6TF has not made any decision on the ANC or SMD boundaries. This does not represent any W6TF decision. Second, Fengler offers this proposal (as one of many possible permutations) for discussion purposes only. Third, this proposal includes 5 ANCs that generally follow existing Ward 6 boundaries - with on notable exception - ANC 6C drops below East Captiol Street to form their seventh SMD.

Ward 6 with 5 ANCs

ANC populations

6A (orange) = 18,111
6B (light blue) = 18,351
6C (green) = 13,802
6D (dark blue) = 14,355
6E (red) = 13,393

Fengler's ANC 6C proposal is based on the his "notes" of the ANC 2C and ANC 6C community listening meetings and postings here on the blog. It keeps NoMa within 6C's boundary and uses North Capitol Street as the east/west dividing line. Not every SMD hits the 2,000 plus or minus 5%. Fengler is assuming a broad interpretation of: "...unless the deviation results from the limitation of census geography or if the location promotes a rational public policy, including but not limited to, respect for the natural geography of the District of Columbia, neighborhood cohesiveness, or the development of compact and contiguous areas."

6C with total population of 13,802

Red = 2,028
Tan = 1,870
Green = 1,925
Light blue = 2,189
Dark blue = 2,073
Purple = 1,898
Magenta = 1,819


  1. No, no, no, and no. I live on that little block between 6th and 7th on A Street SE that would be districted away from 6B, when I live two blocks from Eastern Market. It makes no sense. Eastern Market is the hub of our neighborhood life, we are affected by everything that happens there. Please don't move us out.

  2. As Sara Beth points out, those of us who are in ANC 6B (in our case SMD 01) would not be well served by moving us to 6C or 6D. Out children attend elementary school in-bounds at Brent and we have a vital interest in ABRA and zoning issues in the surrounding neighborhood (in our case across the street) that would remain in ANC 6B. This is a very bad idea indeed.