Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How to leave a comment?

I have received dozens of comments on blog postings at the I would encourage folks to leave comments on this blog. How do you do that?

First, at the bottom of each blog, click on the word "comments".
Second, type your comment.
Third, using the drop down menu "Comment as:" - you can select Anonymous or Name/URL. If you select Name/URL, you will see a dialog box, just type in a name and ignore a URL. Then hit continue.
Fourth, then hit "Post Comment" - and you will be done.


  1. There are several reasons that Near SE or a least the greater part of it and Near SW should remain in the same ANC. As currently configured, ANC 6D has expertise on a large number of issues affecting both areas. Both areas are dealing with development. Both areas are facing the same challenges in obtaining retail. Transportation issues are huge and shared by the communities. Two specific examples are the entirety of M Street SE/SW & the rebuilding of South Capitol Street. Both projects deserve a continuing unified effort, rather than what would be two Commissions coordinating.
    One of the greatest reasons for the two areas remaining together is to promote and build cohesion in Ward 6. For years SW and SE had huge turf wars. With the two areas working in concert, SW has become more mainstream with SE and Ward 6 overall. If a dividing line is reestablished at South Capitol, SW would naturally become more separated from the rest of Ward 6.
    Roger Moffatt
    ANC 6D05

  2. Critical development and transportation projects along M Street have been on going for the past several years and the current team involved in this process needs to be kept intact. This ensures that all the important issues involved with such major projects, will be handled in a unified manner by a team that has the expertise, built up substantial working relationships with all parties involved, and in depth knowledge on all areas of the various projects.
    To separate Near -SE from SW at this time or at any time will cause unnecessary disruptions and costly delays to all the projects currently underway. Also, importantly, the building of community relationships would certainly suffer.