Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Manivong - Maryland Avenue Divide Proposal

Mark Manivong has submitted the following proposal for discussion. To be clear, the W6TF has not made any decisions on the Ward 6 ANC/SMD boundaries.

Summary: Has anyone considered using Maryland Avenue to divide ANCs 6A and 6C? I understand that there's a compelling desire to unify H Street NE into one ANC, to avoid confusion and differences on voluntary agreements, etc. The map I submit below would unify H Street NE into ANC 6C, keep ANC 6A entirely in NE, and expand the new ANC 6E to Union Station. 6B and 6D would remain largely the same.

(Fengler comment: while the line is not shown, I am assuming Manivong would retain the current 6B and 6D boundaries to have a total of 5 ANCs.

1 comment:

  1. From my rough calculations, the Manivong proposal population would break out as follows:

    Shaw ANC: 14,185 (7 commissioners)
    H Street ANC: 11,955 (6 commissioners)
    NE ANC: 17,596: (9 commissioners)
    Barracks Row/Hill East ANC: 20,217 (10 commissioners)
    SW Waterfront: 14,369 (7 commissioners)

    If the H Street ANC went to E. Cap between 1st and 7th SW, it would have 7 commissioners and the NE ANC would have 8 commissioners.

    I think it is an interesting proposal and worthy of further discussion.