Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Shields - ANC Economic Zone Proposal

This proposal was submitted by Andrew Shields.  Just to be clear, the W6TF has not made any decisions about the Ward 6 ANC/SMD boundaries.  (Note: we are now posting PDF versions to keep up with the input). 

Summary:  This map differs from other proposals significantly in that it unites the northern section of the Ward into one ANC. I did this because I was trying to create a map truly centered around regional economic zones: H St, SW Waterfront, Cap Riverfront+Barracks Row/South Penn, North Penn+Eastern Market+Lincoln Park, etc. By doing this, I had to deviate from the "similar-size ANC" guideline, mostly because those who claim H-St as their economic zone of choice are so numerous. I felt it was more important to give them a say than not. Also, that zone is outsized because of the inclusion of Kingman park - but becomes more similar-in-size should that proposal be rejected.

SW - 11588 (6 SMDs)
South Penn-Capitol RiverFront - 11052 (6 SMDs)
North Penn-C Ave NE - 19669 (10)
Fmr 2C+Fmr 6C - 14190 (7)
Super 6A+Kingman - 21508 (11+1)

1 comment:

  1. Two modifications: the Super 6A + Kingman SMDs should be (10+1) rather than 11+1..

    And I like Commissioner Tate's inclusion of NoMa into the NW quadrant to bring that total up to 16k (8) and thus, the Super 6A+Kingman to a less-super 19k/(9+1) Leaving us with three relatively balanced northern three ANCs and two smallish southern ones.