Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kingman Park Letter

Dear Joe Fengler and the W6TF:
Congratulations on coming to an end of the W6TF process.  Thank your for your service and for doing a great job of managing this process in a very open, transparent and participatory process.   Sorry to see the process ending with such vociferous opposition regarding the 6B and 6C issues. I suspect it was inevitable and wish you good luck. I hope the debate remains civil.

I went to the W6TF files and I did not see an August 1st letter that the Rosedale Citizen's Alliance sent to the W6TF and which I verbally presented to the Taks Force at your July meeting in St Colletta.  To that end, please find attached the letter which I hope you will add to the formal files.

I am deeply disappointed that Kingman Park is not part of ANC 6A though my understanding is that it is out of your hands. My only request is whether the formal report could include a more emphatic statement that there was unanimous or near unanimous support in Ward 6 and Kingman Park to include Kingman Park in 6A by all citizens and by all, or nearly all, W6TF members.  My hope is that the final report will include a clearer and more forceful statement on how disappointed Kingman Park and Ward 6 residents are that the only reason why Kingman Park is not part of ANC 6A is because of opposition from Council Member Alexander.  Her opposition again underscores how Ward 7 political fights are prioritized over the interests and desires of Kingman Park residents who clearly want to have their ANC related debates and decisions be made in collaboration with their immediate neighbors in Ward 6 instead of with Ward 7 residents who live more than 1 mile and a huge river away. The inclusion of Kingman Park in ANC 6A would not change the fact that Kingman Park is represented in the Council by Alexander, it simply would mean Kingman Park and Rosedale neighbors would have an easier time working together in one ANC to address local issues. I hope the formal report will include a forceful request that Alexander reconsider her opposition and to urge her to do so ASAP in consultation with Council Member Wells.

Rob Stephens
Rosedale Resident

(Fengler comment:  Letter posted under Filing Cabinet).

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