Thursday, September 22, 2011

SMD proposal for 6C

Posted at the request of Commissioner Bill Crews, 6C07

·         This revised map better integrates the new-to-ANC 6C residents south of East Capitol Street. Creating two SMDs along the southern boundary joins together both current and new residents in each SMD.
·         This also allows 6C to have two Commissioners to work with our 6B colleagues on Penn Ave SE and Eastern Market issues.
·         In addition to integrating the new blocks into 6C and providing two Commissioners for work with 6B, the revised map has all SMD bordering other ANC’s fostering better joint efforts.
·         This revised map has:
·         2 SMDs to work with the Architect of the Capitol;
·         3 SMDs for Stanton Park and the National Park Service;
·         2 SMDs for Burnham Place;
·         3 SMDs for NoMa; and
·         3 SMDs for H St.

1 comment:

  1. I agree with Bill, this is a better map than the one that 6C previously approved at its meeting because it better incorporates the area between East Capitol & Independence. Hopefully this minor change can be made at the meeting tonight.