Wednesday, August 17, 2011

ANC 6C: W6TF Proposed Map

The below is the proposed Single Member District boundaries from the W6TF.  This map will serve as the basis for recommendations proposing to change either the ANC or SMD boundaries at the September 19 W6TF meeting.  To the extent alternative recommendations are submitted to the task force in advance of that meeting, they will be added to this post for discussion. 

W6TF Approved Boundaries for ANC 6C

Populations of proposed SMDs
6C01, shown in red = 2,055
6C02, shown in orange = 1,935
6C03, shown in green = 1,951
6C04, shown in light blue = 2,079
6C05, shown in dark blue = 1,922
6C06, shown in purple = 1,990
Total ANC 6C = 11,932

The below is the first recommendation from the W6TF 6C Subgroup to modify the initially approved ANC 6E/6C boundaries to have 6E acquire census blocks south of Mass Ave to provide addition population for more balanced SMDs in 6E.  It is important to note these alternatives have not been approved by the W6TF

Alternative Recommendation #1

Populations of proposed SMDs (subgroup revised version)
6C01, shown in red = 1,979
6C02, shown in orange = 1,893
6C03, shown in green = 1,909
6C04, shown in light blue = 1,958
6C05, shown in dark blue = 1,922
6C06, shown in purple = 1,990
Total ANC 6C = 11,651

1 comment:

  1. This is NOT Good. I prefer the Fengler/Rice August 2 map. No one from the 6C workgroup has talked with existing 6C Commissioners - not open; not transparent!

    N. Capitol is a true dividing line. 6 Commissioners or any even # doesn't make sense.

    And the southern residents identify more with Eastern Market, than H St or NoMa - except for opposing added height above the RR Tracks

    Please go back to the drawing board or use the August 2 proposal for ANC 6C boundaries


    Bill Crews
    Commissioner, ANC 6C (SMD 6C07)