Monday, August 1, 2011

NW Ward 6 ANC, Version 2

W6TF member Cody Rice prepared the map below showing possible SMD boundaries for a NW Ward 6 ANC that is bounded, for the most part, to the southeast by Massachusetts Ave NW. The area shown has a total population of 13,808. Compared to the map posted on Friday, this would assign 377 more residents to ANCs to the west.

An attempt was made to keep blocks around Marion St NW (Marion St neighbors) together, to keep unpopulated blocks in the current SMDs, to create compact SMDs, and to stay within the range of 1,900-2,100 residents per SMD.

With the common disclaimer, the W6TF has not made any decisions about ANC or SMD boundaries. All comments, as well as specific suggestions for moving particular Census blocks between SMDs and/or adding/subtracting from this ANC configuration, are welcome!

SMD Populations

Red = 1,977
Orange = 1,992
Green = 1,956
Light Blue = 1,962
Dark Blue = 2,013
Purple = 1,992
Magenta = 1,916


  1. Not acceptable. This ANC has to have the I-395 Air Rights project fall within it. That's a project that is going to go on for more than a decade. Major construction. Closing highway ramps for years. Relocating historic buildings. The developers made promises to contribute to a park across the street in Phase 2. In this map the park and the development would now be in different ANCs.

    The residents of the Mount Vernon Triangle who are a block away should not have to travel to another ANC for a decade to provide input on the project. It belongs in our ANC, not with the folks of Stanton Park who are a mile away.

    This is not the first time I've provided this feedback so I'm discouraged to see it's failing to stick whereas on the otherhand the Marion Street feedback was immediately incorporated...

  2. I agree, the tip of the Triangle is across the street and that park is in the Triangle. I also think that the NW ANC should maintain some continuity with NOMA to the Union Station air rights project.

  3. Paul could you be more specific about the Census blocks that are contiguous to the I-395 Air Rights project? Are all of these blocks in the new Ward 6? If you want something in or out of an ANC or SMD, it would be extremely helpful if you use one of the clickable maps to get the geographic reference for your comment.

    At this point, the proposals don't necessarily represent refinements, just different iterations in reaction to comments or provided by commenters themselves. It is helpful to hear if making a change in one place has an unintended consequence elsewhere.

    There have been a couple of proposals that include basically all of the NW portion of Ward 6 in one ANC. Do any of these address your concern about the I-395 Air Rights project and park?

    -Cody Rice

  4. The park is:
    47.02 1014; 47.02 1015; 47.02 1016

    Unlike many district parks along the avenues this one is under district control rather than NPS. So we really do have a great opportunity to transform it with the I-395 PUD as a community benefit.

    I-395 Air-rights Ward6 blocks are:

    59 1005; 59 1036; 59 1004

    And of course the adjacent blocks of Georgetown Law should be in the same ANC as the I-395 project as well.
    59 1018; 59 1003

    >"There have been a couple of proposals that include basically all of the NW portion of Ward 6 in one ANC. Do any of these address your concern about the I-395 Air Rights project and park?"

    Yes, the previous proposals that kept the I-395 area with the NW Ward 6 ANC addressed my concern. But since it's not consistently represented this way from one day to the next it becomes imperative to be vocal.

  5. The northwestern part of the new map does make much more sense now — by the numbers, the aerial view and a pedestrian's street view. Thanks, CR!

    CCCA Prez

  6. @Paul

    Thanks for those Census block IDs. Very helpful going forward.

    @CCCA Prez

    Thanks for the feedback.

    -Cody Rice, W6TF