Thursday, August 11, 2011

W6TF Redistricting Guidelines

These guidelines were approved by the Ward 6 Redistricting Task Force at the August 3 meeting.

1.    Recognize neighborhood cohesiveness by grouping residents into ANCs where they are likely to have the most concern about issues that come before their own ANC, and have an affinity of interests and preferences with other residents in the same ANC.
2.    To the extent that current boundaries contribute to effective functioning of the ANCs, limit the scope of change to ANC and SMD boundaries.
3.    Balance workloads and resources of ANCs and pay attention to likely caseload based on development patterns, historic districts, etc.
4.    Take advantage of natural or built features to the extent they make sense to residents in defining the boundaries of ANCs.
5.    Aim for ANC total populations that are close to multiples of 2,000 to preserve flexibility in drawing SMDs.  Aim for SMD populations in the range of 1,900-2,100 "unless the deviation results from the limitations of Census geography or from the promotion of rational public policy, including but not limited to, respect for the natural geography of the District of Columbia, neighborhood cohesiveness, or the development of compact and contiguous districts."
6.    Take likely population growth into account in setting ANC and SMD boundaries. This may mean creating SMDs with populations on the low end of the acceptable range
7.    To the extent possible within Ward boundaries and subject to population requirements, design ANCs and SMDs that are compact and contiguous.
8.    Avoid splitting census blocks.
9.    Do not propose boundaries that would dilute the voting strength of minority populations.
10.  Evaluate neighborhood areas outside Ward 6 boundaries when appropriate.

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