Friday, September 9, 2011

ANC 2C Formal Recommendations

The Ward 6 Task Force received the following letter from Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2C dated September 9, 2011:

At its regularly scheduled September 7, 2011 public meeting, which was properly noticed and with a quorum present (three out of four members needing to be present to achieve a quorum), Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2C voted to approve three motions regarding the creation of an Advisory Neighborhood Commission Single Member District map for the new ANC 6E. The motions approved are as follows:

1) Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2C recommends that the Ward 6 Redistricting Task Force transfer the portion of the recommended boundaries of ANC 6E approved by the Task Force on August 8, 2011 that lie east of North Capitol Street, so that they can be added to the proposed new ANC 6C. The motion was approved unanimously, four votes in favor, with none against and no abstentions.

2) Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2C recommends that the Ward 6 Redistricting Task Force add the area south of Massachusetts Avenue, NW, east of the I-395 Freeway, north of E Street, NW, and west of New Jersey Avenue, NW, to the ANC 6E boundaries approved by the Task Force on August 8, 2011. The motion was approved unanimously, four 4 votes in favor, with none against and no abstentions.

3) Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2C approves the initial ANC 6E Single Member District Map proposed by the Task Force Subcommittee for ANC 6E, with the changes represented by the previous two motions, and that the map representing this revised SMD configuration be transmitted to the Task Force. The vote was two in favor, one against, and one abstention.

In considering these matters, the Commission took the following into consideration:

1) The request on the part of ANC 6C to be the sole ANC with standing to opine on the Union Station train tracks air rights development, and the support of Mount Vernon Square Neighborhood Association President Rob Amos for ceding these blocks and associated rights to ANC 6C.

2) The need for ANC 6E to have additional population in order to ensure the establishment of seven SMDs that are in compliance, to a greater degree possible than with the map approved by the Task Force on August 8, 2011, with the guidelines that SMDs should each have 2,000 residents. The resulting SMDs will have three SMDs in the 1,900-2,000 range, two with less than 20 people below 1,900 and two with less than 10 people above 2,000.

3) The desire of residents in the new ANC 6E who reside in proximity to the I-395 freeway, including the members of the Mount Vernon Square Neighborhood Association, to be able to exert influence on the development of the air rights above the freeway, as said development will have a significant impact on traffic and other quality of life issues.

4) The SMD map presented by the Task Force’s ANC 6E Subcommittee, with the changes recommended by ANC 2C, respects existing boundaries where no or minimal changes are required as a result of the 2010 Census and where current boundaries have established effective SMDs (W6RTF Guideline 2); establishes SMDs that to the greatest extent possible contain population in 1,900 to 2,100 range (W6RTF Guideline 5); recognizes neighborhood cohesiveness by grouping residents so that they are most likely to share concerns about issues that affect them when considered by the ANC (W6RTF Guideline 1); provides for compact SMD boundaries (W6RTF Guideline 7) that ensure that surrounding residential populations are not separated from abutting commercial corridors; splits no census blocks (W6RTF Guideline 8); does not dilute minority voting strength (W6RTF Guideline 9); and does not represent changes merely for the sake of change.

The attached maps represent the approved SMD boundaries for the seven ANC 6E SMDs. ANC 2C urges that the Ward 6 Redistricting Task Force adopt the recommendations contained in the approved resolutions and that these positions be accorded the Great Weight provided for in the ANC statute.


Alexander M. Padro

(Fengler note: This map has been also included under the W6TF Approved ANC 6E Boundaries Post as recommendation #3. This way, all the map variations can be viewed under one post.)

6E01, shown in red = 2,006
6E02, shown in orange = 1,895
6E03, shown in green = 1,884
6E04, shown in light blue = 1,983
6E05, shown in dark blue = 1,988
6E06, shown in purple = 1,916
6E07, shown in magenta = 2,004
Total 6E population = 13,676

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