Saturday, September 10, 2011

ANC 6B with Independence Avenue

At the ANC6C special meeting held on August 29, 2011, one of the formal recommendations they approved for the W6TF to consider was to expand the southern border to Independence Avenue.  In order to visual see the impact of that recommendation, three of the task force members developed four ANC 6B SMD boundary map options that use Independence as the northern border.  A few important disclaimers:

1.  The maps have not been approved by the W6TF.
2.  There is absolutely no presumptive weight given to any of these alternatives.
3.  The maps are provided for discussion purposes.
4.  The posting of these maps should not imply a W6TF outcome for either 6C or 6B.

Alternative #1 - Ken Jarboe with 9 SMDs

Alternative #2 -Ken Jarboe with 10 SMDs

Alternative #3 - Cody Rice with 9 SMDs

Alternative #4 - Joe Fengler with 9 SMDs

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