Thursday, September 29, 2011

Final Ward 6 Redistricting Report

The task force sent the final Ward 6 Redistricting Report to CM Tommy Wells on September 28, 2011.  The report can be found here.  This report can also be found in the Filing Cabinet section of this blog.  The work of the task force has been completed.  One of the final decisions of the task force was to keep this blog open for further posts and comments.  In keeping with the spirit of this blog, please view this as a neutral electronic space to continue the discussions regarding Ward 6 redistricting. 

Regards, Joe Fengler


  1. I am quite surprised that the task force recommended a SMD in 6B with 1638 people based on an an argument of "neighborhood cohesiveness", while rejecting an ANC 6A proposal to have a SMD above H Street (1694 population) based on the same rationale. I originally thought that the 6B number was a typo.

  2. I know it's way too late to make any change, but I'm surprised no one in 6A brought up the fact that all three low income apartment complexes in the ANC are in 6A07. It would have been a good idea to move the most southern one into a different SMD.

  3. Strike that previous comment. I was looking at the current map. It seems the southernmost apartment complex is moved into 6A06 in the new plan.