Saturday, September 10, 2011

NLPNA Letter on ANC 6A Boundaries

September 8, 2011

Joseph Fengler
Chair, Ward Six Redistricting Committee

The North Lincoln Park Neighborhood Association (NLPNA) wishes to provide comments on the proposed boundaries for ANC 6A.

ANC 6A, as currently constituted, has been providing very effective representation. They have represented us well in establishing the correct balance between economic development and quality of life issues for our residents. In particular, they have been sensitive to the needs of pedestrians,cyclists and users of public transportation, the charm of our historic neighborhoods, and concerns for safety and community-serving retail. They have been strong advocates for our educational and civic institutions.

For these reasons, we would like the ANC 6A boundaries to change as little as possible. The Task Force’s initial proposed plan is a good start but a few improvements are necessary. Specifically we request that:

1) Kingman Park (that portion of Ward 7 west of the river) ­should not be included in ANC 6A. While the intent behind their inclusion is admirably collegial, we fear that it will introduce unnecessary complications to the redistricting process without adding any benefit to residents of Ward 6/ANC 6A. As it would require crossing Ward boundaries, it would invite Council intrusion into the Ward 6 redistricting plan – to the potential detriment of all of the Ward, but ANC 6A in particular.

2) The block bounded by 7th Street, 8th Street, H Street and I Street NE should be restored to ANC 6A. This square has only 53 residents, so does not have much impact on population equality. But it is crucial to 6A’s influence on H Street development. Within the next decade, the 600 block of H St. NE will undergo major redevelopment that will have an enormous impact on residents and businesses along the entire H Street corridor, extending throughout ANC 6A and the NLPNA area. If the aforementioned block is not included within ANC 6A, the ANC will not have party status (not being within 200 feet) and will have no opportunity to represent the interests of the NLP residents in matters coming before the Board of Zoning Adjustment and the Office of Zoning. This is particularly troubling given the effort that ANC 6A has already expended on this site.

3) We understand that there has been some consideration to further contraction of ANC 6A’s borders to allow ANC 6C to “grow”. We are deeply concerned that if ANC 6A loses area beyond what has already been taken away, they will not be able to provide input on issues that have a very direct effect on our quality of life.

Thank you for your attention to these concerns and for the hard work of the Task Force members. We understand that the task is a difficult one as it must balance competing interests. We appreciate the transparency of the process and the opportunity for public input.

Best regards,

Elizabeth Nelson
Chair, North Lincoln Park Neighborhood Association

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