Thursday, September 22, 2011

W6TF Agenda for September 22 Meeting

6:30pm   Call to order

6:32pm   Review and approve agenda – to include motions to change or add items to agenda

6:42pm   Review and approve meeting process – to include motions to change process

6:52pm   Review ANC recommendations that alter initially approved W6TF Maps for SMD boundaries
               Please refer to September 19 agenda for back-up information regarding below

1.     ANC 6A
1.1.   Adopt 6A alternative proposed SMD MAP (pending outcome of Item #2 and #5)
1.2.   Consideration of Cody Rice, W6TF Member, alternative

2.     ANC 6B
2.1.   Adopt Initially Recommended Task Force Map (pending outcomes of items #1, #5 and #6)
2.2.   Adopt ANC 6B requests for:
2.2.1.   Eastern Market Metro Plaza should have one commissioner.
2.2.2.   Seward Square should have one commissioner.
2.2.3.   Barracks Row can be well served by two commissioners.
2.2.4.   The boundary along Mass Ave between 6B09/6B10 should be a straight line.
2.3.   Adopt ANC 6C “conditional” SMD recommendation for ANC 6B (pending outcome of item #1)

3.     ANC 6C
3.1.   Adopt alternative proposed SMD Map (pending outcomes on items #1, #2, #3 and #4).

4.     ANC 6D
4.1.   Adopt alternative proposed SMD Map (pending outcomes on items #3 and #4)

5.     ANC 6E
5.1.   Adopt alternative proposed SMD Map by ANC 2C
5.2.   Consideration of alternative Map by Mr. Rickey Williams

7:52pm   Discuss and approve process to complete Ward 6 Redistricting report

8:12pm   Discuss objectives/agenda of next meeting on September 26, 2011 at 6:30pm, location TBD

8:22pm   Community Comments (time providing)

9:00pm Adjourn

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  1. How can you vote on the 2C map when it dips below Mass Ave? you cut that chunk out of 6E so there must be an alternative. Please consider adding this to the agenda.