Saturday, September 24, 2011

W6TF - Final Maps / Next Meeting

On September 22, the W6TF approved the final boundaries for the Ward 6 ANCs and associated SMDs. These final maps will be incorporated into the Ward 6 Redistricting Report which will be submitted to CM Tommy Wells on Wednesday, September 28. This is two days later than originally scheduled.

The W6TF will meet once again on Monday, 6:30pm on September 26 at 1100 Fourth Street, SW - DCRA Hearing Room, 2nd floor - to approve the redistricting report that will include the narrative to explain the recommendations as well as the required text description of the ANC/SMD boundaries. This is a new meeting that was not included in the initial W6TF schedule.

Ward 6 ANC Map
6A, shown in orange = 16,390 (8 Commissioners)
6B, shown in light blue = 18,942 (10 Commissioners)
6C, shown in green = 13,154 (7 Commissioners)
6D, shown in dark blue = 14,359 (7 Commissioners)
6E, shown in red = 13,393 (7 Commissioners)
Total Ward 6 = 76,238

Kingman Park, shown in gray = 1774 residents (1 Commissioner)

Total ANC 6A = 16,390

6B01, shown in red = 1913
6B02, shown in orange = 1849
6B03, shown in green = 1874
6B04, shown in light blue = 1926
6B05, shown in dark blue = 1936
6B06, shown in purple = 1638
6B07, shown in magenta = 1896
6B08, shown in grey = 1893
6B09, shown in brown = 1893
6B10, shown in yellow = 2124
Total ANC 6B = 18,942

Fengler Note: There will be a technical correction offered at the meeting on Monday. This map reflects a minor change that doesn't alter the intent of the ANC 6B SMD decisions made by the task force. However, upon completing the text description, it was discovered that three blocs between 6B08, 6B09 and 6B10 were not correctly hand drawn by putting the boundary line on 16th Street instead of 15th Street. The census count approved for those SMDs were based on 15th Street boundary line. This map reflects the census count decision made by the task force and uses 15th Street as the boundary line - pending approval at Monday's meeting.

Total ANC 6C = 13,154

6D01, shown in red = 2057
6D02, shown in green = 1992
6D03, shown in purple = 2023
6D04, shown in light blue = 2115
6D05, shown in dark blue = 1975
6D06, shown in yellow = 2106
6D07, shown in magenta = 2091
Total ANC 6D = 14,359

6E01, shown in red = 1963
6E02, shown in orange = 1895
6E03, shown in green = 1927
6E04, shown in light blue = 1820
6E05, shown in dark blue = 1988
6E06, shown in purple = 1916
6E07, shown in yellow = 1884
Total ANC 6E = 13,393


  1. Could you please take a moment and explain why all the 'non-living' areas of Near-SE are going/staying with the larger part of Near-SE not moving to SW? Seems like the part of Near-SE moving to SW is being shut-out on the Half St, Stadium, Canal Park, and Yards Park areas. What was the reason for not including Canal Park or Half St area under the area moving to SW?


  2. Great. Worse than being in 6D03, and against the (brief) hope of moving in to 6D07, now my block is in 6D06. No hope for any bright future now.

  3. I sent an email asking if anything is possibly going to be changed at this meeting? I have not gotten a response.

  4. Chairman Fengler,
    I have supported the Ward6 Task Force decisions because I believe that the process has been fair and open. While it's true that ANC 6A has been disadvantaged, having been required to cede area to both ANC 6C and ANC 6B, I could accept that because I understood that all desires could not be satisfied simultaneously and because all parties had to share the burden.

    I now believe that CM Wells has been petitioned to overturn the Task Force's recommendation regarding the 6B/6C boundary and return the area between Independence Ave. and East Capitol St. to ANC 6B.

    Should he acquiesce, I ask that you give consideration to the residents of ANC 6A, especially those in North Lincoln Park, and return the half of Lincoln Park that ANC 6B demanded. It is unfair that, not only do they not have to give up any population/area to equalize the size of the other ANCs, they are actually growing larger by taking part of the park.

    Returning all of the park to ANC 6A would be a largely symbolic gesture, as no one lives there. But it would send a message that ANC 6B cannot have it all their own way when others must make concessions. It would be easily done, requiring no recalculation of population. It also encourages better communications with Federal and City agencies responsible for the park, if they continue to have an easily identifiable point of contact as they do now.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  5. Elizabeth,

    Let me respond by reiterating the respect I have for you and Commissioner Alberti's dedication to our parks, school (Go Maury!) and neighborhood.

    As for the false, reoccuring meme that ANC6B has given nothing during redistricting, I would remind you that ANC6B lost an entire SMD, all of Reservation 13, during Ward redistricting. We have not gone without sacrifice during this process. To suggest otherwise denigrates the successful efforts of many of us to save as much of Hill East as possible from annexation by Ward 7.

    Ultimately, if the park has so much sentimental value to you, Nick and the rest of ANC6A, that you can't live without the whole park in an ANC6A SMD, even if it is a gerrymandered line, then I won't stand in the way of the TF reversing their previous decision tonight. My main concern is one of equity in representation on the few issues we deal with that are associated with the park. That is the lens the TF should use in forming their final report. It is the same lens they should use when examining the move of a large swath of 6B to 6C. Will the neighbors there be effectively represented by an ANC with no status on the issues that most impact them? Does it make sense, from the perspective of constituent enfranchisement, to move boundaries simply to give status to an ANC that has historically had no involvement and very limitied geographic affinity with the issues delt with solely by another ANC? Or does 6C have a rightful, historic claim to such status?

    Should the TF recommendation regarding Lincoln Park stand, and I hope it will, I look forward to working with you and your husband to make the Park the best it can be for residents who live on both sides of this beloved public space.


    Brian Pate
    South of Lincoln Park

  6. Elizabeth Nelson makes a very strong argument for reversing the TF recommendation and returning the blocks between East Capitol and Independence west of 8th Street to ANC6B, when she writes:

    "It also encourages better communications with Federal and City agencies responsible for [Eastern Market, the Hine Development], if they continue to have an easily identifiable point of contact as they do now."

    Thomas Riehle
    8th and D Street SE