Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ward 6: W6TF Approved ANC Map (9/19/11)

W6TF votes on ANC boundaries from September 19 meeting:

1. Extend ANC 6C south to Independence Avenue, SE and east to 8th Street, SE. Adopted (5-4-1) with an amendment to remove House Office Buildings and Library of Congress Buildings – which retain census blocks west of 3rd Street between Independence Avenue and East Capitol Street - in ANC 6B (amendment passed 6-3-1).

2. Return census square 889 in ANC 6A. Not Adopted (5-5). 

3. Return these census blocks between North Capitol St. and Union Station and K St. and Massachusetts Ave to ANC 6C. Adopted (6-4). 

4. Extend ANC 6E south of Massachusetts Avenue. Not Adopted (0-10). 

5. Retain all of Lincoln Park in ANC 6A. Not Adopted (2-8). 

6. Remove Kingman Park from ANC 6A. Adopted (9-0-1) with an amendment to provide two alternative maps - one with Kingman Park included and one without (amendment passed 9-0-1).

7. Retain United States Mall, Hains Point and East Potomac Park in ANC 6D. Adopted (10-0) with an amendment to remove the language “United States Mall” (amendment passed without objection).

Populations of ANCs
6A, shown in orange = 16,337
6B, shown in light blue = 18,942
6C, shown in green = 13,207
6D, shown in dark blue = 14,359
6E, shown in red = 13,393

Kingman Park = 1,774

Joe Fengler Note:  We will finish reviewing the remaining ANC recommendations listed September 19 agenda at the September 22 meeting.  We will start with the agenda items list under 7:40pm.


  1. Last night the Task Force made hard decisions and was closely divided on the ANC boundary lines. I understand the sense of lost or brokenness, but those of us across East Capitol know and love our neighbors to the south, the frequent walks to Eastern Market, the Metro, Barracks Row and flowing back and forth with friends. We like what's south of Independence, just as much as our hopeful new 6C residents.

    We or our successors will work hard to ensure all our voices are heard wherever our interest lie and our advice is needed, because we also live, work and play here.

    This decision is intended to better knit north and south. There will be two Commissioners in the southern end of 6C, working in harmony north and south of E. Capitol. This will strengthen efforts to realize all our goal of a healthy, sustainable, walkable neighborhood - the greatest neighborhood in the country.

    I hope the Task Force vote holds, the 6C SMD map is amended as Posted yesterday, that our Councilmember will respect the work and integrity of the Task Force and the Council agrees because this redistricting can bind us closer together on the Hill, and foster connection throughout our ward and One City!

    Thanks to all the folks involved in this and especially the Task Force members.

  2. I am really disappointed that the committee chose to cut 6E off from both the 395 air rights project and the Union Station air rights project. I hope the committee will consider the MVSNA community when setting the SMD boundaries.

  3. With what you have done to the southern 6E border you cant possibly consider ANC 2C's recommendation, you cut too many people out. you have been sent alternatives reflecting the mass ave/North Capitol border for 6E. I hope you will add something else to the agenda or give the community more time to fine tune the SMDs.

  4. Dear W6TF:

    This is Rob Stephens, Rosedale Resident.

    Congratulations on coming to the end of the W6TF process. Thank your for your service and for doing a great job of managing this process in a very open, transparent and participatory process. Sorry to see the process ending with such vociferous opposition regarding the 6B and 6C issues. I suspect it was inevitable and wish you good luck. I hope the debate remains civil.

    My only request is whether the formal report could include a more emphatic statement that there was unanimous or near unanimous support in Ward 6 and Kingman Park to include Kingman Park in 6A by all or nearly all citizens and W6TF members.

    My hope is that the final report will include a clearer and more forceful statement on how disappointed Kingman Park and Ward 6 residents are that the only reason why Kingman Park is not part of ANC 6A is because of opposition from Council Member Alexander. Her opposition again underscores how Ward 7 political fights are prioritized over the interests and desires of Kingman Park residents who clearly want to have their ANC related debates and decisions be made in collaboration with their immediate neighbors in Ward 6 instead of with Ward 7 residents who live more than 1 mile and a huge river away. The inclusion of Kingman Park in ANC 6A would not change the fact that Kingman Park is represented in the Council by Alexander, it simply would mean Kingman Park and Rosedale neighbors would have an easier time working together in one ANC to address local issues. I hope the formal report will include a forceful request that Alexander reconsider her opposition and to urge her to do so ASAP in consultation with Council Member Wells.

  5. Forgot to that, that if possible, could the W6TF also note that, the unilateral and arbitrary refusal of Council Member Alexander to include Kingman Park in ANC 6A is also disappointing because of the fact that similar arrangements have been successfully implemented in at least two other wards. We hope she reconsiders her position and urge her to make an arrangement with Council Member Wells to implement a similar arrangement for Kingman Park.

    Rob Stephens

  6. I think it is ludicrous to have given so much weight to ANC 2C's recommendation. City Vista and Museum Square have over 1500 residents . We are a 3 blocks from the 395 air rights development and are more affected by the Union Station air rights projects than ANC2C . Although you are not permitted to consider the additional population of 410 and 425 Mass Ave it is silly to pretend they don't exist.I sure hope the many lawyers in this ANC are looking at legal challenges to this.

  7. The 395 air rights got to 6C which apparently includes little population near it population near it. How nice for the developers won't have to be bothered by those pesky ANCs with poulation near the development.
    Besides which one ANC is to have 25 percent of the population and another 20 percent and this is supposed to provide meaningful representation.